What Is Asexuality?  — An introduction to the topic of asexuality, including printable pamphlets and information sheets.

Asexuality Archive — In depth exploration of asexuality.  A free PDF ebook is available here.

The Asexual Agenda — A collection of ace-related blog posts from a number of contributors.  Also home to the Carnival of Aces, a monthly blogging prompt open to all.

Demisexuality Resource Center — Information about demisexuality.  Also includes a forum.


Seattle Aces & Aros on Facebook — A Facebook group for Seattle Area Aros and Aces.

Seattle Aces and Aros Meetup Group —  A group for Seattle Area Aros and Aces.

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) — The most active forums on the subject of asexuality.

/r/aromantic on Reddit — Reddit sub about aromanticism

/r/asexuality on Reddit — Reddit sub about asexuality.

#aromantic on Tumblr — Tumblr’s aromantic tag.

#asexuality on Tumblr — Tumblr’s asexuality tag.


The Huffington Post Series — A six-part series about various aspects of asexuality.

The Invisible Orientation by Julie Sondra Decker — An in-depth book on asexuality by an asexual person.

(A)sexual — A documentary that follows the lives of several aces.  YouTube | Hulu | IMDb

Aro & Ace Swag

Seattle Aces & Aros on Zazzle — Shirts, stickers, buttons and more.  Proceeds go to support the Seattle Aces & Aros.